Monday, March 7, 2011

Coffee machine the takes the keuring k-cups also work with...

Coffee machine the takes the keuring k-cups also work with the keuring filter?

Can keurig coffee makers use coffee grinds instead of K-cups?

Will my diet work?breakfast - special k cereal with skim milk, 1 banana, 1 cup of black coffeelunch - organic salad with ruby tomatoes increased by lemon juice to replenish salad lotion, 1/2 cup of mixed berriesdinner - pita bread with diluted turkey and swiss cheese, 2 apple, handful of baked chipsdrink 10 glasses of H2O daily

Will my diet work please help?

I work in the field of coffee, and got them a B150 Keurig machine. It can't even be bought in stores. It has a cool touch screen face plate that does all kinds of cool things. I'm also going to get them like 7 boxes of K-Cups. Is this a great gift something you would like to get ?

Is this a good Christmas gift for my parents?

I'm thinking of getting my mom and myself a machine for Christmas. I just have a few questions for people who use the K-Cup system.1. How much per week/month do you spend on K-Cups and how many cups do you consume a day?2. Do you drink more or less coffee than when you had a drip maker3. What makes it worth spending the extra money?

How much do you spend a month on Keurig K-Cups?

Looking for help finding myself an affordable k-cup type thingie. Thanks so much.

Are there other coffee makers that take K-Cups besides Keurig?

I was sent an offer a while back from a site offering a free Tassimo coffee maker next to a subscription toward their coffee club. I don't colemnize the point out of the site save for if anyone knows where I can find a resembling or like one another offer, I'd value it. Thanks.

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