Saturday, March 12, 2011

Based in Western Massachusetts.. Living Room...

Based in Western Massachusetts.

Living Room Coffee House Joins San Diego Restaurants to Celebrate ...

On April 16, 2005, Living Room Coffee House in Hillcrest will join more than 30 restaurants located in Uptown/Hillcrest, San Diego to celebrate A“A Taste of Uptown Hillcrest.A” This mouthwatering event allows attendees to sample diverse
Kilimanjaro coffee climbers. Is there room at the top? - The Wanderer

Today is summit day for the Kilimanjaro Coffee Climbers. It's definitely not summer up where they are. And the air is thin. The expedition, which hopes.

Coffee filters at Lacabana - Official Aruba Community Forum

Member. ConnieNBPT's Avatar. Join Date: May 2007. Posts: 73. Just to let you know as well...I understand the need for in-room coffee..definitely, but there is also a Dunkin Donuts right behind LaCabana at the Tropicana...just in case.
The Siren Song of Priceline......

The amenities include two bottles of Aquafina bottled water, refreshed nightly, and an in-room coffee pot which makes the world's most execrable brew. Additional bottled water? Buy it in the souvenir shop! Cup of joe?
Sweet 16 please? :)?

Im going to Amsterdam next month to check out the city and universities as im moving there before i turn 18. I know the law is 18 to buy it but i know that in Ireland the pubs will let u drink with ur parents so i was wondering if its the same with the coffee shops there? If i couldn't smoke there is there anywhere i can smoke it with my dad legally? My dad is only ok with it if its legal (took a lot of convincing) so people saying smoke it in a park or something isnt really helping. Is it legal to smoke weed in your hotel room? I heard people say just smoke it in a bar, 16 to drink, but i hear u should ask there permission first and seeing that i would get id'd buying my drink will they give out for smoking weed there?

Is it legal (or at least tolerated) to smoke weed in a coffee shop at 16 WITH my dad?

i have cat pee that has been in my room for a while, and nothing seems to get rid of the smell. The cat didn't directly spee, he sprayed my carpet, and it stinks!! i have tried the vinegar trick, it kind of worked, but i REALLLYLYYYY hate the way it still smells like vinegar after 3 months... I have tried coffee grounds, and it some what works, but can't really get the smell out totally.

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