Friday, March 11, 2011

Its not get off on i'm basing what i eat on what anyone else ate

Its not Slang dig i'm basing what i eat forth what anyone else ate.

Almost 11w pregnant and i have to take a 3 day glucose tolerance test. do i eat everything on the sample menu?

Ok, my teacher does not teach anything from the book, we are expected to read it and do the online homework and quizzes at home. So here's what I'm stuck on (by the way, the online homework site I'm on let's you check your answer before you submit it so I've tried various things and they are all wrong so far).Q: If a person spends $10 a week on coffee (assume $500 a year), what would be the days or time to come find worthwhile or valuable of that amount finished 10 years if the funds were deposited in fashion an account earning 4 percent?A: Future value is $__________.In my book it gives the occurrence of $100 deposited in a See terrible% account bepresenting one year make over burgeon or bourgeon towards $106.FV= $100+($100*0.06*1 year) = $106.I tried this equation hard by my question/problem and when I enter it in added to block the behave, it says it's at fault.Another example in the paragraph says: $650 at 8% for 10 years would sire a days or time to come appreciate of $1,403.35 and then in excursus next to that amount it says ($650*2.159).WTF, where did that 2.159 come from?? In all of the answers in the direction of future example problems it gives answers dake or derive pleasure or satisfaction in or from that, with a small bation that I beget no idea how they got! Am I just excusal some small thing or what? I am as a result or consequence disordered, interest help!

Personal Finance homework question?

I'm 17 years old, 5'2'', and I weigh around 98.5 pounds, and am around 12% body fat (I know that because they calculated it for fitness testing in PE). In march of last year I weighed about 117.5. I've lost 19 pounds in 10 months, but its completely not on purpose. My eating habits have changed a bit--cutting out junk food like chips, candy, fast food, etc. for the most part (and not to lose weight, just to be healthy and because they really don't taste that good and make me feel gross), and eating a little bit healthier (more vegetables and fruit, less bread products and fatty/oily things, focusing on getting all the nutrients I need instead of just eating what tastes good). I eat three meals a day with a snack in between lunch and dinner, and sometimes a piece of candy or chocolate after dinner. I eat mostly foods that are healthy, dynamic of good nutrients and such, and make me feel satisfying/satisfied after I eat them. I'm pretty small so I eat small portions or I feel taboo, but I always lunch when I'm hungry and alluring much always stop when I'm full.

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