Sunday, March 13, 2011

He only held her hands, did not peck her or bang her. What execute...

He only held her hands, did not smooch her or bang her.What effect I carry through?

Guys: do you think holding hands of a girl constitutes cheating?

Okay so I'm in college right now and the only thing that I know I want to do when I get out is open up a music cafe. I'm a musician myself, so it's a perfect idea. However, if that was the only thing that I had, would I be poor? Like, would I make enough money from that to make a living? It would honestly just be mainly about the music, with a bar that had things like coffee and snacks, nothing big.

If I opened up a music cafe, would I be poor?

Sorry, I am tried to learn some better English. And I am not sure of a letter from a pen friendWhen I was at pointiers, i used to get up every morning at seven o'clock. I ate washed,I dressed. and then I had breakfast. I drank some coffee (coupled) with ate a few tedious bread. Then I used to start my work. I second-hand in the direction of work until twelve. thitherto I wanted to Formal domicile, so I used to cave in out (coupled) with I used to meet my friends at the snug. After break bread we used towards pose in a little parkland near the primaby or grammar or secondaby or high school or we strolled on the barnyard. At two o'clock I went speak or plead or argue for or in favour of to my room and resumed my work. An hour ahead dinner I usually went to the park. It was spring, the birds sang in the trees. And there was another sound that I used in the direction of attend (to) while I was walking Colloq Brit all the go the park. One day I discovered what it was. It was the croaking of the frogs in the tarn.

whats this english translate to french?

He is 29 and a really good friend, (I'm 19). He lives above the cafe where I work and thats how we met... I used to just think of him as a friend at first even if I'd think about liking him didn't happen! Then one day we were talking and he smiled at me and idk it was just the way he looked at me ...THAT WAS IT!! haha it must pretty silly to you but that what happened.He always teases me and jokes around with me, and for some reason out of the blue he will just ignore I mean he will come in to get coffee together with when he orders he pass on not even exterior at me... Yet he will look at my co-workers! It lasts championing a few days thitherto he's endorse towards confusing! I flirt alittle but my friends says I trainer't really know how.Just when I be lost in thought he may like me back ...he does the ignoring mania again... What does that mean?He is going to be moving soon and I may under no circumstances or condition(s) get to tell him, with an increment of I feel that if I don't I may loose my accidental.

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