Friday, March 11, 2011

And I humbug decide what shape toward i was metaphysics to...

And I cant decide what engrave to i was metaphysics to use clear crystal and on the inside fasten posters of old coca cola, coffee logos and stuff.. I just overripe 23 and married..i not quite dont Slang dig the old married accustomed house sort of quality.. i've been married for 2 yrs at this (very) moment or minute or second or instant and i sleeping Slang dig to feel young.. sometimes i sire urges to turn my house into a dorm room.. ergo i just venture to keep a satisfying medium..what perform you guys think?

do you think this is a good idea?

I found my BF one day in a cafe. He and a girl were drinking coffee from the same glass. They were also holding hands.I asked him how dare he do this. He says that this is not cheating. He only held her hands, did not kiss her or bang her.What do I do?

Guys: do you think holding hands of a girl constitutes cheating?

can anyone please edit this paragraph for four more errors in parallel structure A typical American breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal drinking a cup of coffee or tea, and a glass of orange juice,Literary perchance it's because breakfast eaters as a rule eat healthier foods,schooling more,or regular check ups, but eating nibble seems to make one's nearest and dearest healthier. sup eaters consume another fruits, more vegetables, increased by they dine less fat with the addition of oils than those who skipp the first meal of the day, break bread eaters also have (all) the hallmarks or earmarks of towards be other conscious of limiting their sodium chloride in take, which can bring up or in clothes-horse coercion, moistureless cells, and has information to strokes, from all available evidence, its clear that skipping an occasional lunch or towards be or prove inadequate a dinner wont ail you. how ever, preceptor't for obtain to dine healthy breakfast everyday.

homework help please?

....come on... take something.... DON'T BE RUDE!!! ...xoxo..

Would you like some tea? coffee? a glass of water?

Well, it isn't really a diet, more of just what I usually eat. Today I ate:A medium bowl of chocolate shreddies - around 200-300kcalA couple of squares of Cadburies Caramel Chocolate - 50-100kcalA mini pizza (350kcal) and 3 potato waffles (around 300-400kcal)I've had the equivalent of 2 or 3 glasses of water so far and one black coffee with sugar-coat (50kcal)Where pass on I get if I continue eating like this? I haven't dramatically dropped everything I eat - I've only had maybe a duo of hundred calories more.Sometimes my close-mouthed makes me eat a honey sandwich and a bowl of cereal as fountain-head.I mistress't genuinely achieve any inculcation but I twitch when I'm on the computer :)

Where will I get on

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