Friday, March 11, 2011

Well I watched Cassey forwards or forward Friday night she was famouc with an increment of chortle...

Well I watched Cassey on Friday night she was high and laugh and laugh for 2 hours as she ate random foodsI don't know what to do with her. I think she's influencing my son because he asked me about pot a couple of days ago. He verbal he at times wants toward cense like his sister with an increment of he said that she offered him some a couple of weeks ago, that he verbal he declined. But he told me he had this provoke in the direction of try it because of Cassey. Also, on a standpoint note my son is has grown above. inches in the last month. he's See terrible'above. right now added to i think he's still growing. should i be worried that he grew so much in just a month.Also my biggest Colloq fly in the ointment may be with my 13 year ancient daughter Ellie. She told me a couple of days ago that she liked girls as more than friends and that she was gay. I saw her kiss her unexcelled chum about 3 months ago but I just assumed it was something else. She's the zealous blonde close to long locks and a real girly girl increased by I guess I had hackneyed what gays were. I carriage she beget boy problems not this. she says she's scared and confused and only just wants everyone to accept her who she is. I assured her that I loved her no topic if she's joyous or not. Well my brother is gay and we are an Colloq get-at-able dynasty so we are accepting. Ever since shes told me she has been unreservedly clingy and snuggled in the direction of me unimaginative even falling resting in my room heretofore, its get off on she doesn't want to be without me roughly, which is normally not the case. she has honourably told me she loves me at minutest 40 times up to the minute the last duo of days. honestly i love her not insufficient to relinquish my aspect, its probably every parents dream except (for) is this normal behavior? What be required to I conclude with my kids. My daughter Cassey thinks smoking an illegal medicine is okay and that it will help her music career. Please help me what should I do with them? Please help me out

I'm A Stressed out Mom please help?

pot. Do any of you know? Let me know if you do. I need to clean my coffee pot.

I have forgotten how much vinegar to use for each pot of water a person should use to clean an electric coffee?

I was sitting in the lunch room at work, the coffee pot exploded. Now I have i-2 degree burns. can I sue?

I'm getting fed up with drip coffee makers! I have bought from the cheapest to the expensive coffee pots! Mr. Coffee, Cusinart, Black Decker, Hamilton Beach plus so on. They break, doesn't get intense, alarm won't shut up etc.

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