Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why were they laughing when I was not? Why were happy while...

Why were they laughing when I was not? Why were happy while I longed to be free?To break out of this cage. I loved my brother, and I felt conscience-stricken championing him. And yeah, that's probably it. I didn't get eminently distant into the paper though;):)

I wrote a story, rate it and be honest.....?

- Ok , my situatiOn is a littlee likee this . ; my rOOm ritee nah' is lavender (walls] , and my bed is this cutee pink,brown,blue,qreen,and purplee cOmfOrter (all my favee cOlOrsx] ! ; sO im qettinq my rOOm painted blue, hOtpink , bluee , hOtpink and ikinna need likee new furni . sO tell me sitesx wheree ican qet stuff dhtsx likee bluee , pink , purplee and litee qreen and it can still be cuteee . my furni is deesx little Orqanizers thanqsx which is Oranqee and dark uqly pink . and thee Other cOffee tablee is dark brOwn , kinna chestnut sO yeah and ineed a new tv . im lOOken fOr a innovative sidee tablee , cOmputer desk , bOOk ledge and alsO tv put up with . ; alsO sOrry fOr thiss ( dee way im typinq ] ! ; and free 1O pOintsx , anyOnee ! ;

Any cutee room ideas ?

Every time I try to decide about something, anything, I just can't. Especially the little things. It's not extreme, like I know that I would like lemonade and not coffee, and I know that I would like to wear a blue shirt and not a red one. But, when it comes to less insignificant issues, I debate both sides so well inside my head that I simply cannot make up my mind. This is incredibly frustrating! Should I go to the restaurant or no? Should I break up with my boyrfriend or stick with him? Would it be better to cry it out or tough it out? I just flat-out don't know!My boyfriend causes a lot of the strife. Sometimes he's super sweet, but other times it's like he takes my being around him for granted. He doesn't defend himself from other girls, but he doesn't like it when they're around him. He skipped our first anniversary dinner, which was of extreme importance for me, to drive a tractor. He makes me so angry! But I have a hard time deciding whether or not the times he is very thoughtful and nice are worth it. It may be just because he is a teenage boy, but nonetheless, it is driving me out of my mind!Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

I literally cannot make up my mind. Why can't I?

It's a funny blues song. I heard it c. 1990.Some lyrics I remember: I woke up this morning...banged my shin on the coffee table...Oh God I feel bad. Oh God I feel melancholy. Oh God, I feel...

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