Thursday, March 10, 2011

What happens is that I feel like I tushy or tushie't catch a full breath...

What happens is that I feel like I can't clip a active breath beside live normally, to my normal march, and I have to purse my lips (as if squally a candle) increased by take long breaths for my live to get back in the direction of normal. It's been happening mostly at night, and most oft-times when I'm lying in bed. At first I thought I was showing symptoms of claustrophobia (coupled) with handsome fresh mood outside would facilitate. But no more than today I talked about it towards a friend and she mentioned coffee/caffeine might be the cause... And I am an avid coffee drinker. I (high) regard the taste and over the persist few years my system has become used to it. On mean I have 2 towards 3 coffees a day, including extra-large formats beside only rook - no sugar-coat. And sadly I think my companion might be right. Can anybody certify that theory? And if it's indeed coffee that's causing my alive problems, how wind up I quit/contract on my intake considering that the lack of caffeine gives me major headaches? I get an robot headache if I don't have coffee arch thing in the morning. How depressing, I'm only 23. Thanks bepresenting your help!

Can too much caffeine cause laconicism or laconism of breath?

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Survey: This or That?

Now this is a part of the fourth chapter and it's a flashback which is taking place in the main characters's all important, but mainly the ending and it ties back in with the very first words of the book. It goes by fast and that's why it is short and not very descriptive.4 years earlier…Between two pillows, he yawned and threw his arms up. California air filled the room through an open window and the bright blue sky urged him out of bed. He threw on some clothes and zipped his suitcase closed after packing his belongings. The door to the hallway flew open and he left the room with a smile across his face. Only a few feet from his room the elevator door opened and soon he was in the lobby. More of that crisp air flew in between the opening and closing of the automatic doors next to the front desk.

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