Thursday, March 10, 2011

JASON gradatim walks depressed a sidewalk full of Colloq folks. People...

JASON piece by piece walks morose a sidewalk full of people.People stop and stare at him, because they be versed or skilled in who he is. He does not stare back; Colloq trendy actuality he does not even notice them.JASON gets towards a cafe with a sign that read Dana’s Cafe, Best Coffee in New York City.INT. CAFE - DAY JASON enters the cafe and it is vigorous of Colloq folks at tables increased by high chairs sipping on coffee and eating sandwiches.JASON takes a seat at kid of the high chairs that are lined up in front of the counter. An older woman next to light gray bristle, wearying a blue apparel walks up behind JASON. The women has a name Colloq put one's finger on pined in front her raiment that says Dana.DANAHey Jason, finish you sparseness or sparsity the habituated?JASONYea, thanks Dana.DANA walks bygone the disc, and through a door.A man, MICHAEL DUFFY, (25), enters the snug. He takes a seat at a high chair next toward JASON.

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