Monday, March 7, 2011

I dransmit nightmare their underpinning rate 15 minutes Nautical aft they pressed...

I dransmit test their basis rail at 15 minutes after they pressed the drink (or just 15 minutes later for the person who didn't drink anything), 30 minutes after, one hour Nautical aft, and an hour and a half after they take the drink.I will record their heart excoriate and see if their basis chide changes.Does this seem like a pleasurable idea towards you?Also, finish you ruminate I will get good results? I don't want towards conduct the experimentation (coupled) with then not sire their underpinning rates change at all.Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Please share! :)

Help with an 8th grade science fair project (details inside)...?

Im currently at college and im entering a Competition.Brewster to be exact.I must make 2 Espresso's, 2 cappuccino's and 2 speciality coffee's.All within 10 minutes.Im fine with the Espresso's with the addition of Cappuccino's and one of my Speciality coffees.Im premeditation onwards adding a fruity liquer towards one.But im stuck forth my other idea.Help please :)

Speciality coffee Ideas!?

I asked twice for a half a cup of steamed soy milk in my doppio espresso and he puts 1 and half cups of soy milk in the coffee drink. :- Does he not know how much a half cup is?

What is with these brain dead people that work at Starbucks?

I want to buy a grinder to make filter and cafitiere coffee. If cost wasn't an issue would you recommend a 'normal' grinder or a burr grinder? Any recommendations for a specific model?

'Normal' coffee grinder or burr grinder? (for filter/cafitiere, not espresso)?

last month our beloved stove top peculator passed on..right into the recycle bin. i think it was in our family for about 40 years. around the house we have french presses,drip machines and even electric coffee pots.we also have our selection of stove top espresso pots. everyone says that i cant tell the difference from drip coffee to the perk. perking the coffee is my choice for 'brewing'. and mom, grandma and great grandma used the old peculator..the smell is heaven and we always perked our coffee 15-30 minutes..i'm told its old school,out of date. i tried to find a peculator insert at walmart and even goodwill luck. y'all tell can tell the difference between perked and drip and that nasty instant coffee for emergencies of emergencies.

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