Thursday, December 9, 2010

When Im home, I drink a whey protein shake, followed next to not too or very many...

When Im habitation, I drink a whey protein shake, followed by not too or very many water, in days of old bepresenting dinner I Slang nosh a nice healthy dinner, thitherto before bed I make a Casein shake and US and Canadian coul�e the F%* gone.I am trying to stay well-ordered with my new diet/Lifestyle and my working absent... My question again is, for you people out there who know alot about nutrition and utilitarian out, bepresenting me as a beginner not ever having done this before is this going toward work bepresenting me with the addition of help me accomplish my goals?

Will my workout help me accomplish my exercise goals?

My sister and I had an argument that Got out of control, first of all, she is 21, I'm 27. I'm 6ft2, she's about 5'8. Well today, she came to my apartment with my mom, I let them in, and they wanted me to come help someone move. I told them I couldn't because I was too tired. My sister got really upset, she got up in my face and started screaming at me. So I told her to get out of my way, she said she wasn't afraid of me, So basicly I walked straight thru her. She got mad and literally threw a punch at me, Although it was easy to dodge, I dodged a few of her punches, then on her 4th punch or so, I grabbed her arm and threw her on the ground. And told her to chill out. I told her to leave my apartment, I went in my room, layed on the bed for a minute, then decided to leave myself. I was so angry i needed a drive. Well, they did not leave ( sister and my mom ) And as I was walking out, my sister again got in my face, this time she had a coffee pot in her hand, I said to her, what are you going to do, She then smashed the glass pot over my jaw, Then When I grabbed my Jaw, she kicked me in the groin which dropped me to my knees, Then she took plates from my Bar, and Broke a Plate, then a wine glass over my head. While I was on the ground. Then Kicked me in my throat while I was getting up. I was Cut up... Not much at all really, My head was cut alittle bit, and my arm was sliced open. But nothing major. I got up and Ran out of the Apartment, Called the Police. My mom and my sister took off in my Mom's car. Should I press charges on my sister for this? And If i Do, tell the cops everything that happened, what will they do to her? Thanks

I was assaulted today, had a coffee pot smashed over my look, in days of old another objects when I was down.?

last month our beloved stove top peculator passed on..right into the recycle bin. i think it was in our family for about 40 years.

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