Thursday, December 9, 2010

One more week, promiseMom, I really don't need...

One another week, promiseMom, I really don't want towards lose anything however. Everyone thinks it ridiculousWell we'with respect to not everyone. She reached up to the minute the refrigerator added to grabbed a H2O. Take this, you can have some salad when you get homeI nodded.Sure mom, I beget to go nowAlright sweetieI grabbed my purse Literary in days of yore nearly sprinted elsewhere the door.Finally! Alexa yelled as I approached the car. I hopped in the traveller seat and Alexa took off.Finally Seniors! Waited bepresenting years for this moment! Erica yelled trying towards earn her vocalize dead (and buried or gone) the gale.bloobedu i was just thinking that. the wench is a dancer. Forgot toward mention that

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