Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coffee Keurig Mini Brewer, or if i ought (to) just bread missing the...

Coffee Keurig Mini Brewer, or if i should scarcely hard cash or monei out the Also for a full price keurig machine

Coffee machine for christmas?

Best K cups for Keurig*kuerig*..

What's the finest coffee towards get in K cups bepresenting Keurig brewers?

we're making a 'senior lounge' in my high school and we considered coffeesomeone said theyve seen a coffee maker in the grocery store that you pay about a dollar for and it brews a cup for youwhere can i get one of those (websites helpful) and about how much do they cost?its very important that you PAY for each cup, like a vending machine

how can i buy a coffee brewer that you pay for each cup?

I'm looking to buy a new Keurig Coffee Maker Special Edition off ebay. For the keurig warranties, you just have to register the brewer on the keurig website. If I purchase a new one off ebay, will I still be able to register it to qualify for the warranty?

If I buy a Keurig Coffee Maker off ebay, can I still register it for the warranty online?

I know about the single serve ones but I want enough to fill a thermos. thanks

is there a coffee brewer that won't let the filter droop to let the grounds in the coffee?

i need to know list of all the costs of Comfy chairs or sofas. Computer, coffee presses, coffee Cart, coffee brewers, coffee grinders, espresso grinders, dinnerware, Teakettles and Teapots, cups and mugs, espresso machines, scales, a cash chronicle, a store safe, counters, pinball tables, cafe fence art sets, Brit kick into touch Colloq chum and cloths, and newspapers or magazines. please HELPP !! i would really find worthwhile or valuable : )

help !!! I'm starting a coffee shop !?

Reba works at a Starbucks coffee shop where a 12-oz cup of coffee costs $1.65, a 16-oz costs $1.85, and a 20-oz cup costs $1.95 . During one busy period, Reba served 55 cups of coffee, emptying six 144-oz brewers while collecting a total of $99.65. How many cups of each did Reba fill?

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