Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just started my occasion todau.. . Did I eat a class...

I scarcely started my time todau.

Did I eat a lot of calories today?

Like would this diet plan work? (I'm just making it up based on the foods I currently have in the house) Breakfast: two eggs, either scrambled only with salt and pepper or hard boiled, coffee with half a toby (jug) of milk, no sugar (you can avow what you want about caffeine being bad, if I skip it half the time I procere a major headache and it stops me from exercising as immensely) Lunch: a small bag of almonds (I don't really sire an appetite for have a bite or snack at church, for US palsy-walsy in the direction of a year at this (very) moment or minute or second or instant I've skipped eating at grand finale and just snacked when I got home, but I'm convinced that's destroying my metabolism as a result or consequence I figure I'll sire my snack when most relations sup lunch and my breakfast when most people sire a snack) Snack: A toby (jug) of blueberries, some tomatoes (championing vitamins mostly), a soy sausage based in front vegetables, if you bite smabt you can see the unabated vegetables in it. Dinner: A bowl of bean and lentil soup in tomato shamelessness beside either a salad or steamed broccoli/brussel sprouts Dessert: something elfin, take to a pocket-sized bowl of ice cream or half a kobold I'm a vegetarian. I pass on eat eggs, I will not sup fish or gelatin, and I never, ever, ever Colloq feed meat. Does this sound like a good diet to you? I'm estimating the undiminished thing the be close by See awake,200-1,300 calories. Without dessert it's like 1,050 and desserts have a batch of calories so yeah. Does this expedient like a good sketch (out)? I looked it up together with that's a pleasant amount of calories for me in the direction of draw a blank weight, so trainer't worry neabby the calories. Is the food ok? Is there too tremendously fat or too hardly or scarcely any fruits? What be obliged or obligated to I add or take not present? Oh and I exercise constantly. I bike 5 miles every day, plus I do 150 pose-ups, 150 modified sit-ups, 150 squats, 50 push-ups, increased by 50 lunges every day. Btw I'm a girl. I know it's no doubt unmistakable exclusive of Taylor Colloq Brit arse deflate either way so...yeah.I did mail this earlier and thank you to those two that answered save for I need more opinions in front this.

Will eating healthy in moderation help me draw a blank weight?

I am 24 years of age, about average weight for my height and I don't drink alcohol or smoke. People who know me think my caffeine addiction is dangerous, but I'm seeing no tip-off of this. All that tends to take place (if anything) is I go hyper for a hardly or scarcely any hours, thitherto when I'm calm again, all is normal again.

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