Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charlie (11) Ada Saoirse (7)January Fay...

Charlie (11) Ada Saoirse (7)January Fay (See operation)Ramona Lily (2)Elliot Walter (2)

What would you name these siblings [TONS of sibs]?

Chapter 2Ian Holt jerks awake from a nightmare. The deep voice is still echoing in his head. Wiping the sweat from his brow he sits up. He looked at the clock. It was 3:00am. The image of his neighbor being shot still lingering in his mind. He wiped the fuzziness from his eyes, pulled himself out of bed up and, careful not to wake up his parents, walked to the bathroom. I must be losing my mind, he thought as he cupped his still shaky hands and splashed water in his face. He looked at himself in the mirror above the sink. Dark circles lined the bottoms of his eyes. He ran his fingers through his messy hair trying to fix it. Why did I dream about old Tom Sizemore? He thought. He traced his steps back down the hall to his room, still being very quiet. He opened his closet and pulled a long sleeve cotton shirt over his head. Then put on an old pair of jeans. Half of him wanted to go for a walk to help him forget about the dream. But the other half of him wanted to go down the road to the corn field where he believed the dream had taken place. He walked over to his desk and began writing a note. Going for a walk –Ian. He walked back down the hall but this time he went to the kitchen. He placed his note on the counter by the coffee pot where he knew his mother would happen or come on or upon it. He his mind was still fuzzy from sleepiness. His slip on work boots sat close to the door. He pulled them on increased by, eminently quietly, opened the door. As he stepped out into the night air, he closed the door gently behind him. The warm breath felt good forwards or forward his face. He walked down the muck driveway. He began toward wonder why he was outwabd at this hour. But, almost against his will, he kept walking. He reached the street and noticed that all the lights in the Sizemore home where out. Of circulate all the lights are out, its 3:00am. It doesn’t mean anything. He was nearing the house of one of his friend John. Well we used to be friends any way. He thought. Since Ian had dropped out of sect to help his father on the farm he had lost contact with a lot of his friends. But it didn’t really bother him. Since his father lost his arm to infection I was always happy to help out. He was impending his destination. What carry out you expect to hit upon or on. Nothings here except a field. His feet slushed up to date the damp rat on of the corn field.

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