Monday, December 13, 2010

I fondness towards prick up one's ears in the direction of podcasts. Green Coffee...

I love to listen to podcasts.
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Peace Coffee Part II: Evolution of a Green Coffee Shop - Green ...

Last week we heard about how they were on the forefront of the fair trade coffee industry in the United States. Recently they've taken that innovative, pioneering spirit and used green business practices to open up a new coffee shop,
Name That Coffee Twitter Contest - Green Mountain Cafe - The Green ...

Green Mountain Cafe – The Green Mountain Coffee Blog A blog by the people who make Green Mountain Coffee.

Losing weight on a vegan diet?

Hello, is a quick floorplan of the kitchen, dining and living room of my house. It's a small house, but these rooms are all open to each other (the kitchen counter comes around in a U shape but there aren't any overhread cabinets or anything). The ceilings are vaulted so it seems like a lot of space. The challenge I'm having is with arranging my furniture. There is a fire place on a wall that is about 45 degree angle. I have a flat panel TV hanging above it. I have a matching sofa and love seat combo, but I'm having trouble with the corner in the lower right. I'm not sure what to do with it. I had a chair positioned diagonally there, but it seemed like wasted space. I also have a rug with a glass coffee Brit kick into touch that is approachable by both the sofa added to love seat.Do you have any suggestions for arranging this furniture differently? I have gorgeous wood (oak) floors, my furniture is black leather and the walls are a light sage unsophisticated hard by a crisp white baseboard as trim. My style is concurrent. There are windows all along the walls on the bottom of the picture.Thank you for any ideas you may have :o)The front door is the door in front the upper left. The door on the bottom (in the dining room) goes to the advocate cote.

I need some help with my living room furniture layout...pic included...?

How does this sound?Green and Cream Walls Black Sofa ChairsPine/Beach or oak furniture - e.g coffee table etc

Decorating Living Room like this?

I am 15 (almost 16), 5.2 tall and 130 pounds.

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