Friday, December 17, 2010

It feeds the muscle with the addition of starves the dumpy because of the high...

It feeds the muscle and starves the fat because of the high quality whey protein concentrate and low calorie/carb Nutritional Facts: Calories: 134 for the pint with Zero grams of fat, 30 carbs, 20g of protein 30g sugar (natural) 8 g of dietary fiberSo my daily calorie intake would be around 420 calories, 90 carb 80g of protein As of right now I'm only consuming 450 calories 5g of protein 68 carbs, and all of those just come from vegetables and coffee. What will happen if I completely change my diet to 3 pints a day?I feel like this will help me from binging out on sweets..

What would happen if I ate Arctic Zero for lunch/breakfast/dinner?

i need to find the nutritional value because i'm newly on weightwatchers and i love these coffees

How many calories are in a medium iced caramel swirl iced coffee with cream from dunkin donuts?

Gahh stupid question but..Ok, so I really like this girl, and I know she likes meshe just got back form overseas, and I asked her out to the movies, and she said yesAnd now i'm having second thoughts about the movies.. just incase its too clicheSo I was thinking that something like ice skating might be more romantic, and i know she likes it and can do it. i like it, im just not particularly good at it :Pso would ice skating and coffee afterwards be the cuter idea, and is it ok to change plans the night beforehand? thanks so much :)

is this ok to ask before a first date?

I was sitting on the couch watching t.v and eatin ice cream and my dad walks in and takes my dog outside to do his bussiness and when he just walks in my dog heads straight for the ice cream carton and so i run up to the coffee table and i slip on my dogs plaything added to i topple on my arm my head inches away from hitting it on the fireplace and hes yelling at me when i hurt myself and he abuses my family hard by nomenclature like he will call my mom a sacndivian b*tch when he gets drunk he threatnens to hit both me and my brother and he has hit us before and he sent me to my room and compared me to a n***** and he noticed the ice cream when he first walked Colloq Brit all the go before he took my dog outsidehe also thinks that a sorry will work and it wont because its not get high on he ripped a piece of clothing he is drop by drop ripping away my heart

My dad yells at me what do i do?

Popcorn scents filled the air. Kids laughed, babies cried, adults hushed. The movie theater was loud like never before.

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