Friday, December 17, 2010

She does, however, forget toward Ziggler (before anybody says that...

She does, however, lose in the direction of Ziggler (do the fore anybody says that would take away Chavo's credibility, WWE already took that away by that hard feelings against Hornswoggle and making him dress up as the Swagger Soaring Eagle; and whereas Beth glam slammed the eagle, we know she can glam slam Chavo cause that was Chavo).WrestleMania: Beth Phoenix long ago chose Swagger to be her opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania with the two feuding constantly. At WrestleMania, Beth tries in the direction of go for the Glam Slam, excepting fails. Michelle McCool comes elsewhere and distracts the ref, allowing Jack in the direction of apprehend the title. Before he's proficient to smite Beth with it, Christian, who just won the valuables up to the minute the beach match earlier, runs in and delivers the Killswitch to Swagger. The ref turns around and sees Christian (but didn't set or lay eyes on Christian attack Swagger) with the addition of goes toward earn him out of the ring, and Beth grabs the title increased by hits Swagger done the (habitual) user next to it even though the ref's busy with Christian. She then pins Swagger for the secure (coupled) with becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion.Extreme Rules: Swagger uses his rematch clause and faces Beth in a no holds barred match and wins his title back after LayCool interferes. Just yesterday, notwithstanding that Swagger celebrates, Christian runs Colloq Brit all the go the ring with an increment of cashes up to date money up to date the bank. Tony Chimel announces the ground-breaking World Heavyweight Championship match, together with Swagger wonders what's going in front. He hears the chime ring, and turns roughly...right into the Killswitch. Christian pins Swagger to become the new World Heavyweight Championship. He helps Beth up, and they observe.So, what do you think? Does it sound good? And if not Beth, would it behave for Amazing Kong?Note that this is not a prediction for this year's rumble or WrestleMania.

How a diva can become a world champion in WWE?

Short version....2 guys I like. One is in the town I live in, the other is in a state that's a few hours away. Long version.....I'm an RP'er (Role player) and I've made really good friends with many people, some of whom help me with problems with my computer, science homework, or get over a really depressing day. One of them has kinda snagged my heart and I now talk to him outside of the RP world (have been for quiet some time). But now there's a guy that I met at college. He's really sweet and hangs out with me a lot, and he even takes me out on dates (from coffee to dinner). The hurdle is that I don't know who to fasten close to.

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