Monday, December 13, 2010

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The primary gentleman I really enjoy talking to, exclusive of the advocate person is here. Someone interest aid me with this! I profane I'm affluent to go doolally over all this mixed climate!

I need a little help with this relationship..?

(Sometime in the distant past, well before the time of Epicurus. Noidiot, the pre-fillosopher, has been most busy for a few thousand years, gradually ridding the world of one evil after another. No longer are people forced to have children one after the other then sacrificing every other one in order to have even a subsistence type of living. No longer do the streams and rivers contain so much sulphuric acid mixed in with the water that not only did they stink, drinking the water was so painful and caused so many disfiguring chemical burns many people finally chose to die of thirst rather than drink any more of it. No longer are the skies filled with the silently terrifying and voraciously hungry impuradactyls ever ready to swoop down and have you or your wife or children for its next meal. And an ozone shield has formed high over the earth so no longer is everyone over six months old plagued by so much skin cancer no one survives it past the age of sixteen. But is the world now devoid of all evil? Let us check in with the Complainalott family down the street as Father Complainalott is about to speak.)“Those crazy Sabeans, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians and Buddhists believing in God! If God existed, there would not be so much evil in the world. I have to work from sunup to sundown just keeping this family fed ....”With that, Noidiot throws up his hands, loudly proclaiming, I give up! Having to work for your food is evil?” He bows out with the parting comment, Seems there are and have been a lot of people living in a world without anything truly evil and just do not realize it.But let us move on for a few thousand years and see what is going on.“OK, Mr. Epicurus, sir. We have now eliminated earthquakes, wars, starvation, murder and catastrophic floods. Are you happy now?”“No? Did you say there is still evil that we need to eliminate? OK, what next?”(Sometime in the future. Epicurus has been most busy. But is the world now devoid of all evil? Let us check in with the Jones family down the street.)Mrs. Jones: “Those Christians, Muslims and Baha’is must be crazy to believe in God. If God existed there would be no evil in the world.

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