Monday, December 13, 2010

But are the boundaries and distinctions between objects...

But are the boundaries and distinctions between objects flexible? Is the blue coffee mug an
Blue Mountain Coffee Tour • Jamaica and Beyond

Blue Mountain Coffee Tour : Welcome to Jamaica and Beyond, a forum about Jamaica and the people who visit.

Tulsa Gentleman: Blue Opera Coffee House

The Blue Opera is a restaurant and coffee house in the Shinjang outdoor shopping mall located just outside Osan Air Base. I have a number of photos from our Christmas trip to Korea that I will share in the weeks ahead.
BLUE SCHOLARS: Coffee with an increment of Snow 2

DOWNLOAD: It snowed again. So we filmed something... again. Director/DP/Editor: Zia Mohajerjasbi NYC.

What does he really mean?

I'm having the hardest time making this even a little interesting, so I would appreciate any and all critique.Thanks a lot.EYES IN THE SKY:Scott stared at the blueprints in front of him. He now realized there was a reason no one had tried to take Harrison down before – he knew exactly what he was doing. The maze of faded lines on the field of blue made his head pound. He stashed the prints, grabbed his coat and trudged out of the house.It felt nice to be out on the streets – something Scott hadn’t done in days. He inhaled the fresh air and looked around him. The streets were crowded which was typical of a Saturday afternoon. He began walking towards Julie’s – the little cafe he always went to when he was alone. Scott reached Julie’s in a few minutes and dropped into a chair at his usual table. One of the waitresses, Laura, saw him and began to make her way towards his table. “The usual?” she asked, approaching him. “Couldn’t even get me a menu, Laura?” he said. “But the usual, yeah.” “Okay, _sir_,” she said. A smile played on his lips as he watched Laura walk away. She was probably the only person outside of Scott’s group of friends whose company he enjoyed. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that Laura returned. She had a cup of coffee with the addition of a plate with an abed with bated breath donut balanced on a tray. “Here,” she said, putting them down.“Thanks,” Scott said. “It’s my job, isn’t it?” Laura vocal. “Why are you here anyway?” “Um…Can’t I be here?” “Well, today _is_ a Saturday. Why aren’t you doing…whatever you carry through next to Mike plus…” “Kevin.” “Kevin!” “Well, Kevin’s stopping (over) dynasty (coupled) with Mikey’s…busy, I estimade.” “Ah,” she spoken.

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