Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't wanna see a Holland that bans coffee shops, bans...

I don't wanna see a Holland that bans coffee shops, bans nudity, bans books, bans recreational activities, bans music makes me eminently depressed because I look to Holland as being a fashion of a society where people have more freedoms than anywhere else and with all this the Netherlands was among the top places towards live in standard of in the land of the living....I guess it's not my country but it gives me a lost atmosphere of yearning that if Holland can turn into another totalitarian Conservative place, then there is no happy haven in this mother earth....there are cultures that certainly do have no place in any country, eventhough they are of no impairment in the direction of others...that's what it means. I thought Holland was the exception but at present they changed their minds....Is marijuana quasi-legal in Holland? Answer: It was, but those happy blond or blonde days are off, now people beget gotten more Conservative.Isn't Holland known for its wonderful fluster and metal bandsAnswer: It was.... smabt the 70s and 80s, but now rock n roll is mammal banned and you will secure fined or criminally arrested bepresenting blasting metal because it is getting a rude reputation in the EU.Isn't Holland known for its nudity?Answer: It was... exclusive of now it is to blame championing crime and disease and at present if you wear what you want you could find yourself in black hole Holland or notDoesn't Holland cherish the bicycles for eco-friendly transportationAnswer: That was true, but just now those hippie weirdos are put in their place and normal kinsfolk or US and Canadian kinfolk driveBy 2020, Holland will reinstatate capital sentence (death penalty), heretofore state war on all drugs, heretofore deport all its immigrants.... the end of the Cinematic Holland has surface, am I right?The Netherlands is toughening up its laws with an increment of getting stricter

Why is the Netherlands planning to ban tourists from coffee shops?

There's this cute girl in my class who I sit near in college. I noticed her the first day, I've caught her looking at me quite a bit. Last class I could see her staring at me out of the corner of me eye and turning away when I looked over, later on she made a comment in the discussion in class and when I turned to look at her she blushed red. I want to introduce myself and ask her if I can copy her notes from a class i missed and go to the library to copy them and maybe get some coffee there. We haven't viva voce, I be in a brown study shes retiring and I am to. Is this boot forward?, I'm trying to get to know her increased by chance or stumble on or upon if shes single.

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