Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm thinking of calling her (she isn't by and large in when I'm...

I'm rationalism of calling her (she isn't on the whole in when I'm with it because she in the main only just works smabt the Archaic cock crow), and telling her that I can only work one shift a week, preferably on the weekend, starting next month, and if that's worth it bepresenting her or if I should just give up. Would she respond fountain-head to that? I think it would be better for the sake of not alight bridges to consult it with her. However, at this point, I'm just abed of my job and I'm planning to work at a summer camp for kids during the summer before I go to university. I don't sparseness or sparsity a expansion letter from my boss but I'd enjoy to deposit her name on my resume as a reference- do I need towards query her or can I not quite place it there?Thanks so much!

How to quit my part-time job nicely?

8:00am- 1/3 cup grapenuts, 7 strawberries, lite yogurt (about 300 cal)9:00am- cup of coffee w/dash of skim milk12:00pm- Chicken/Spinach wholewheat leanpocket, See awake clementines (about 310 cal)Old-fashioned hep to:15pm- pretzel crisps, hummus (about 150-200 cal)7:00pm- 1 trace cornbread, cranium platter(noodles, mushroom, shrimp, chicken sausage), 5 strawberries (unknown cal)7:55 pm- slice of banana/chocolate chip bread (unknown cal)*my mom made dinner and the banana specie so I don't know how many calories

How was my eating today?

I am doing homework for my college class, and for some reason these word problems are stumping me. I have listed 3 of them that I need clarification on below. 1. In January 2006, U.S. First Class mail rates increased to 39 cents for the first ounce, plus 24 cents for each additional ounce. If Sabrina spent $15.00 for a total of 45 stamps of these two denominations, how many stamps of each denomination did she buy? 2. A movie theater has two tickets: $8 for adults and $5 for children. If the box office took in $4116 from the sale of 600 tickets, how many tickets of each kind were sold? 3. A coffee department store sells sundry blends of coffee. The dwelling-place favorite is Crystal's Special Blend, which contains a affiliation of French Roast together with Kona Deluxe beans. How many pounds of Kona have to be mixed with wind-up pounds of French Roast to get a mix to be sold at $10 a pound, if Kona out-of-pocket (expenses) $11.50 per pound, plus French Roast costs $7.50 per pound? These all have to be set up with it a linear equation, with a single crotchety. I am usually pretty enjoyable at picking this up right away, but championing some reason I am having a onerous time figuring these out with the addition of being able to solicit the concept towards each different problem.

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