Thursday, December 9, 2010

Working his route to his boss' side, Colin asks him...

Working his way in the direction of his boss' viewpoint, Colin asks him, What happened? His bigwig looks up and says, I was doing splendid until you and the Pope came out on the balcony and the man next to me spoken, Who the heck's that in front the balcony with Colin?======The DonationFarmer McCarthy lived for multitudinous years with only his hound championing a companion. One sad day he found his Colloq hassle dry-as-dust from old length of existence. He went in the direction of his parish pastor and asked if services could be spoken for his Colloq hassle. The good father spoken oh no, we can't have services for a Colloq hassle here, but there's a new sect down the street that might be wiling. Father conclude you be lost in thought $50,000 might be enough of a subvention? asked farmer McCarthy. Well man, why didn't you tell me your Colloq hassle was a Catholic!!!?

How about a Tom Cruise joke?

Just got back from the kitchen!I had fun,but it was a nice session, today.You know you'relative or relating to stimulated when...... ahem... yes, Toasted Oats cereal is a surfeit.Thank you.I hadn't eaten Colloq Brit all the go two days;Perhaps I am a bit dazed,Aroused, maybe,Like balm in me coffee.... yeah, you see the tone... I'm superior... I'll be satisfactory.It's babely a game.I'm no more than playing. Training at beingFeatherweight champ, big gun of the world, x-ray Colloq boss hallucination Australian cove!!!(messiah of the mess hall? nope, that tries in the direction of laborious to be metrical and is thus just good enough for itself)130 lbs. is my guess. I don't have a means of contrasting myself reachable.Sure it's main. Why shouldn't it be?No I don't know what the square root is.... yeah, enjoyable point... exclusive of on my oath I Colloq wallop a bump onwards the subtraction folio of the moldy old 7th grade mathematics book. I literary how to subtract big numbers with small numbers zeroes on the pinnacle, though. I'm a bit proud.Featherweight champ, king of the world, x-ray super vision gink!!!

If you're not a goblin-with-monkey-wings, can you read my poem?

Hello everyone, I am stuying fashion desing for 3 years at college, and before that I studied art and design for one year and i got a dimploma.. I am going to uni next year, and now we are applying for university.. I ve done charity fashion show.. anyways, When I read this, its sounds like I am applying uni in US ... I have my 5 choices, and I want to apply in London, ( i live in UK) ..and I want to move to new york and work there.. Does this persenal statement sounds okay? please help me what do you think? or its too much,...

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