Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thats my savings so far i dont exiguity to lose it but i dont...

Thats my savings so far-off i dont need to lose it but i dont want to affirm bye bye to my american dream to boot. in addition.

manager having affair with colleague, about to lay me off.....helpppp....?

Chuck Norris grinds his coffee beans with his teeth, and boils the water with his own rage.

What's your best Chuck Norris joke?

freshly ground coffee beans remind u of?it reminds me of the airport(( esp in europe...))

Egypt..what does the smell of.....?

What do you prefer? And not homeade! And what drinks or snacks or whatever would you recommend for me to try next time I go?

Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Seattles Coffe?

2. Identify the participle in the sentence.Leonardo da Vinci, a great inventor, designed plans for a flying machine and a one-person battleship that never were built. (Points : 2)plansflyingwere builtinventor4. Identify the participle in the sentence.In 1819, Sophia Usher applied for a patent for carbonated liquid.(Points : 2)appliedpatentcarbonatedliquid5. Identify the participle in the sentence.The challenging crossword puzzle was created by Arthur Wynne in 1913. (Points : 2)challengingcrosswordpuzzlecreated6. Identify the participial phrase in the sentence.Reading between the lines, Erin realized that her cousin Joseph was lonely at camp. (Points : 2)Reading between the linesErin realized thather cousin Josephwas lonely at camp7. Identify the participial phrase in the sentence.My father’s cousin from Spain is the man seated in the first row.(Points : 2)My father’s cousinfrom Spainis the manseated in the first row9. Identify the participial phrase in the sentence.Kerri, Tony, Marvin, and I, confused by the signs, took the wrong exit for the mall. (Points : 2)Kerri, Tony, Marvin, and Iconfused by the signstook the wrong exitfor the mall10. Identify the infinitive in the sentence.To relax, we took a trip out to the countryside. (Points : 2)To relaxtookout toto the countryside13. Identify the infinitive in the sentence.The party is just beginning, and it is too early to leave.(Points : 2)is just beginningtoo earlyto leavetoo early to leave15. Identify the infinitive in the sentence.When you go to the grocery store, fruits and vegetables are healthy foods to buy.(Points : 2)are constructive foodsto buyyou goto the grocery store17.

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