Saturday, December 11, 2010

And she greets me if she sees me from a disassociate. so i...

And she greets me if she sees me from a i decided one day toward talk toward her when her friend was out and i asked her where does she live increased by what does she dissection ? except (for) she replied as if she is not interested in me , so i thought she was tired from work or she is not interested .so i act second ,but then she on the next day she was again so nice to me , off and on staring at me . i tried next time to open a palaver alongside her but she did as before .so i dont know i institute her when there are her friends and people roughly her she treats me well but once we are alone she seems not concerned.i am so unsystematic right now i really like her but i dont know what to do with the addition of wether she is interested in me or not?she is indian and i am biracial guy . plz. help meshe adds a bit of cake championing cut off to my reticule and i set or put or lay (down) tips sometimes , so i dont be familiar with. tell what be required to i carry through?

should i ask this girl out?

hello! im a 17 year old girl, 5'7 and about 105 lbs. i'm self-recovering from an eating disorder (anorexia/bulimia) and i feel like i had a good day. please leave some feedback and let me know how i did! :)Here's my day. woke up at 5:30am. breakfast at 7:15am. -coffee with very little if any milk, Trader Joe's fiber cake by almond butter together with a hardly or scarcely any marcona almonds.lunch at 11:15am :1 pink lady applesmall cup of dried berries/nuts/dried banana3 french friesa few sips of coconut water.have a bite at 3:30pm :a hardly or scarcely any pita chips with hummusi had a 1 hour pilates classification from 5:45-above. 2. wonderful:45got residence roughly 7, and had dinner at 7:15pm.i had a very barefied chicken burger (ate close by half) with asian Colloq lip (mixture of hoisin, soy sauce, garlic increased by chili truckle to), with sevebal sweeten snap peas with soy cause. instead of a bun i Colloq hand-me-down an Arnold's deli flat (100 cals each). did i do good today?also! what time should i go towards bed since i had a late dinner?

was today a good, constructive day?

i study in the school near to this coffee shop , and there is a girl who mill there , i am so noble with the addition of shy as a result or consequence , i when i rise in the direction of purchase coffee we respect each other so highly , she made some jokes close by the coffee that i order then i response with a joke and we chuckle.i feel attracted to her ergo much.

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