Friday, December 10, 2010

Our friends Nautical port, (coupled) with I was there for another 30min speaking...

Our friends Nautical port, and I was there for another 30min speaking, close to the session I left-hand his house it was See pay:30am and we talked on the phone throughout my uncut drive dwelling (30 min), and in the midst of that conversation he said he knew that our eventide would have ended up differently if it had only just been the two of us if our friends hadn't arrive over (sounded like he wished it, besides not at any time said it outright). i got home, he said goodnight, so did i, and so ended my year with him. how the heck am I supposed to interpret that?! we've texted old hat whereas he's had my number periodically hardly Slang geezer text, from time to time 30 just depends on the day. I cogitate he's incredible exclusive of I bum't put my finger in front whether or not he thinks the same of me. we spend so much period together its certifiable to me he would want to use (up) more time with me! 3 people up to date the last week have asked me if we'apropos (of) more than friends, I said no, because we aren't but I don't know what he's saying that might type people cogitate that route? help me be acquainted with what he's saying without axiom it, and how can I attract it off of him?if you read all of this say thank you or thanks you!

Gentlemen: help me interpret the signs please?

I went vegan about a week a week and a half ago...I've been eating an apple and banana for breakfast, then snacking on lettuce with a little dressing. I usually have a veggie patty with hummus on one of those flat wheat bread things (they have like 100 calories in 2 pieces). I eat another piece of fruit, maybe a rice cake and a few veggies to snack on before dinner. At dinner I've been eating usually either another veggie burger or there's this tofu scramble that's like 350 calories or so it has veggies, tofu, spinach and stuff. So basically I don't think I've been a junk food vegan as some have mentioned. I've been using and I've been getting enough protein and everything, not too much fat. Basically my question is if I start working out a little bit should I lose weight eating like this? Have any of you lost weight going vegan? It hasn't been that long and I already feel super awesome! My body is digesting the food way better I can already tell! Also I cut out all caffeine, no coffee or diet soda anymore. Also I by and large have a cup or 2 of decaf green tea a day and I cerebrate it's been making me feel hardly admirable. Thanks for the answers guys.I just gave up coffee because it had become an addiction...the caffeine that is.

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