Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Coffee Beans Are Blended

Coffee lovers and regulars may have noticed many times on the packages of their coffees such terms as "well-blended", "mild blend", and "signature blend". If you've been wondering what is meant by terms like these, then your answers are here. Coffee manufacturers blend their coffee. Blending is the mixing of different types of coffee grounds, or of large amount of the same kings. There are a variety of reasons manufacturers and coffee shops blend their coffees, and depending on the style of coffee and the maker the reasons could vary. Knowing information about coffee blends is a great way to become better at choosing among many brands and figure out what type you like best.

Blending is done in many cases to achieve a certain flavour. For instance, blending a coffee from one area which has a distinctively rich and smoky flavour with another that is spicy and sweet can give the blend a completely different flavour from the two that combines the flavours and yet is completely unique. One of the most famous methods of blending works by blending coffee beans of different ages and different degrees of roasting. This is called the Melange method, and with this method the acidity of younger and fresher beans combines with the darker, more roasted beans to more a great flavour.

Flavour often has a great deal to do with why coffee is blended, but another common reason is to reduce the price of a certain special kind of bean. For instance, a nice Colombian coffee that might cost a great deal on its own becomes cheaper when blended with a less flavourful and more generic bean that costs less. That way you still get a great deal of the Colombian flavour but for half the price.

Another reason coffee usually blended is so that a caf or company can brand it or make it their signature blend. A caf might pride itself on its secret recipe for a blend, and almost all of the commercial coffee companies have at least one or two signature blends of their own. That way the establishment or business can have a blend that is completely their own and which customers come uniquely to them to enjoy.

Blending is also done with large batches of the same type of coffee bean to ensure that the quality and flavour is uniform in the whole load. There are always minor differences in individual beans and in beans grown in different areas of the same plantation, and in order to make it consistent the grower or manufacturer must blend the beans together.

Blending is done for a variety of reasons, and once you understand the purpose of blending and what it does to your coffee, you can choose blends you like, or even choose unblended coffee. Choosing unblended coffee is an option for those who like gourmet coffee often choose, because unblended coffee is more unique and will be completely full strength of only a single type of coffee. Choose your preferences, using the information above to know what to choose and why to choose it.

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