Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ways To Save Your Keyboard From Coffee Damage

Many people have experience the temptation of drinking or eating while using their computer. Some people do it all the time and are in the habit of drinking coffee or eating pizza while sitting in front of their laptops or keyboards. It doesn't seem like such a bad idea at first. It may even seem like a way to save time and multi task. But it just takes one careless move to spill the whole cup of coffee onto the keyboard.

If this ever does happen to you, and it will if you regularly drink coffee around your keyboard, the first thing to do is to unplug the keyboard. If it is a laptop, unplug it immediately. If you have a desktop and it got anywhere near the hardware, then unplug that as well. Right away as soon as it is unplugged flip the keyboard or laptop upside down. It might even be a good idea to do this before you unplug to minimize the damage. Lay the keyboard area on a cloth to soak up the coffee or other liquid.

Once the liquid has all drained out you will still want to leave it until you are a hundred percent sure that it is all gone or dried. Don't put it near a heater or use a hair dryer on it, or even touch it at all. Leave it to naturally dry. Once it's dry, then you can start moving the laptop or keyboard.

Try reconnecting the keyboard. It may not work or may even start sparking. If anything happens unplug immediately. The same goes for a laptop: replug and restart it, and if anything seems off, turn it off right away.

There may be some serious damage done, and you will probably need to take your laptop or keyboard to the shop to be repaired. Many times a good keyboard can be easily bought for only a few dollars, and it's often much cheaper to buy a new one than try to repair the old one. In the case of a laptop a whole new one is very expensive, so you may need to see what the damage was and what the repairman can do. Sometimes the keyboard of the laptop can be replaced and everything will work fine again, while other times the whole laptop is ruined and needs to be replaced.

The best way to prevent coffee damage to your computer is to not drink coffee around your computer. If you never give coffee or any liquids a chance to spill on your keyboard then it won't ever happen. If you want extra precaution, however, you can invest in a keyboard cover that will keep water out in case of a spill. You can also buy a waterproof keyboard for your computer that won't take any damage if you do want to drink coffee around it. Those two options will definitely help you, but the best precaution is to simply drink your coffee and other liquids outside the area of your computer.

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