Friday, October 28, 2011

All About the Krups XP5220

Being the smallest of the Espresso series, the Krups XP5220 still offers a large punch. This machine will meet your needs regardless of whether you are a casual or avid coffee or espresso drinker. What the article will do is give unbiased information about the Krups XP5220.

The Krups XP5220 offers an easy to clean system as do the other machines in the XP series. In this machine, you will find a no mess cake ejection button that ejects used espresso grounds when the button is initiated. Coffee drinkers enjoy this option and this ejection system is often sought after. The no cake ejection button keeps from making messes and no longer will an individual find the wasted time cleaning up messes.

Also, this machine is built with a thermoblock which is extremely lightweight. The thermoblock is responsible for faster preheating and fighting against lime scale buildup. This enables the Krups XP5220 to heat espresso and coffee twice as fast and no longer having to worry about bacteria buildup that ruins a machine.

The Krups XP5220 also has a Precise Tamp System that eliminates the needs to manually press coffee grounds. The Precise Tamp System compresses coffee grounds perfectly that gives the same coffee ground results time after time. No longer do coffee grounds spill out of the machine which equals to a no mess environment. All that is required is adding the coffee or espresso grounds and hitting the "start" button. After doing so, the machine will proceed to ground the coffee or espresso grounds perfectly.

Not only does the machine now offer a Precise Tamp System, but now also a 15 bar pump. This 15 bar pump makes the whole process of making espresso and coffee incredibly easy. With the 15 bar pump, we find a universal filter holder that has been made to be compatible with all types of coffee grounds; 1 to 2 cups along with virtually every pod that is manufactured. This universal filter proves to be perfect for all types of coffee because while it fits to every machine, it also eliminates the possibility of being burned by dropped, hot coffee or espresso grounds.

The Krups XP5220 also offers a frothing nozzle that is multi direction that makes cappuccino absolutely delicious if you find that you are a fan of cappuccino. The frothing nozzle also makes it possible to make lattes. The XP series designs the frothing nozzle to lock into place. This eliminates the tedious and annoying part of cappuccino making. Just like the universal filter, the locking of the frothing nozzle will prevent any possibility of being burned. It also prevents from spilling grounds and making an unneeded mess. On the back of the machine comes a removable water tank which is scaled to guide you as you determine how much water you need.

While concluding, we notice that this espresso and coffee machine does not cost an absurd amount of money and holds up well with its competition. The Krups XP5220 is built to be lightweight and is just one moving part (There are no attachments as it is one part). This machine only weighs 13 pounds which is extremely reasonable when thinking about all the functions that it offers. If you're interested, you can most likely find this product at your local appliance store. Good luck!

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