Tuesday, January 1, 2008

wedding favors

At your wedding you want to give out some great wedding favors that your guests can appreciate when they use them in their own homes. Most people start their day of with a hot cup of coffee to wake them up and give them the energy that they need to get through their stressful day. Your guests will be really appreciative if you give them some great tasting coffee in attractive packages because you will be helping them out every day of their lives. Also, you can pick coffee sets that fit into your theme and enhance the overall meaning of your wedding celebration. This is such a special day, so it is very important that you do everything you can to make it the as unique and memorable as possible for both you and all your guests.

When your guests see some luscious coffee waiting for them to take home, they will certainly be enthusiastic about staying up late dancing at your party because they will have a great start to their day the next morning with a hot cup of coffee with their breakfast. Also, every time they use the coffee and the coffee accessories that you have given them they will remember your wedding fondly and tell everyone what a fantastic time they had celebrating with you and your new spouse.

Frangelico Flavored Coffee:

This delicious ground coffee comes in a two once block and has a delicious smell that will entice all your guests as they sit down and look around at the table and all the decorations. The bag has a very sophisticated look that you can use to enhance a traditionally themed wedding. You can even try putting ribbons, tags, and other personal touches on the bag so that you can give your guests a huge “thank you” that will be as warm as the coffee they are about to brew.

Perfect Blend Personalized Coffee Kit:

This kit is great because you can make it super personalized with your name and wedding date. The two ounce blocks of delicious coffee are packaged in bags that are decked out in a bride and groom motif. Another great feature about this item is that nit comes with a heart shaped spoon attached to each bag of coffee. The adorableness of these wedding favors will certainly capture the hearts of all your guests and show them your true love as soon as they lay eyes on their seats at the table.

Pink Personalized Coffee Packets:

The wonderful versatility that you get with the Pink Personalized Coffee Packets is unbelievable. You can welcome your out of town wedding guests with a special treat to simply say “Welcome” or you can use these Pink Personalized Coffee Packets to treat your wedding guests. Simply supply an elegant little cup and saucer set that shows your sense of style, and dress these little packets of 100% Columbian-blend coffee packets out for a wonderful wedding guest favor. Each packet is personalized with the first names of the Bride and Groom and their wedding date, and have a “Perfect Blend” motif and 6 pink and tan circles, some contain hearts, on each pack.

Wonderful aroma, coffee make great wedding favor gifts.

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